Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

A PIA shows how a new initiative will affect individual privacy by reviewing information flows, legal authorities, privacy risk mitigation and governance. PIAs are mandatory in some jurisdictions. I can prepare your PIA to use internally or to submit to a regulator.

Information Governance

How do you comply with privacy laws when you are involved in an information sharing project that involves partners in different sectors and jurisdictions, subject to multiple information laws? I am experienced in assisting complex information sharing initiatives and can help you and your partners balance risk and meet your compliance obligations.

Privacy Incident Response

Are you ready to respond to a hacking incident? What if one of your employees loses sensitive personal data? The secret to privacy breach response is being prepared with a plan. I will help you make a plan and meet privacy breach reporting obligations.

Information Security

Privacy laws expect you to take reasonable steps to secure personal information. I can help you comply with the law while keeping your business requirements in balance.


Most privacy and security incidents are connected to a lack of training and awareness. When things go wrong, your best defence is workers who are aware of privacy and security and who can identify and respond to problems to protect your clients and your reputation. I can develop and deliver a customized training program that reflects your business needs.

Investigation & Mediation

With over 15 years experience investigating and mediating privacy and access to information concerns, I can conduct internal investigations, mediate practical solutions and prepare reports suitable for regulatory bodies.

Policy Development

Effective policies are the key to implementing privacy in your organization. The art of good policy development goes beyond filling out templates. I will take the time to understand your business requirements and help you develop plain-language polices you and your team will understand and use.